Welcome to Project S

I'm glad you're interested in my project! Here's what it's about:
Project S is a multi media entertainment project taking advantage of web3 technology. I have been working on the lore of this project for over a decade, and I am finally able to begin expressing it to the world. I intend to unravel the very essence of my own mind and emotions, as well as exposing readers and consumers to the fabrics that make up THEIR own mind, giving you a chance to explore and interact with a universe deeply rooted in mystery, story telling, and your own subjective experience.

Multi-media Project

To do this, Project S will be releasing Lore in all forms of media, including: written-word, cinematic adventures, and video game immersion. No story will repeat itself in another form of media, meaning if a story was expressed as a Novel, it will not be rewritten in cinema form, etc.

Written Word

Most of the Lore will be established and released as written word, including Character's journals, notes found throughout the world, as well as full fledged adventures written in the form of Novels. As the lore builds, it will all be stored and displayed here under the Lore Library section.


An image can portray an entire story in a mere snapshot of visual expression. There will be numerous forms of artwork being released into the Lore Library, being content referenced inside stories within the project, as well as the concept art that inspired the visuals and personalities of the Universe.

Cinematic Adventures

As much as a single image can express, a multitude of images can potentially express even more. In the early stages of the project, as funding is low, there will be little to no Cinematic Adventures. With that said, I do still intend on attempting to script and film shorter clips to supplement the written content being released.


Consuming a universe as its being developed is fun, but getting to interact with that world in the palms of your own hand unlocks a level of experience that other forms of media lack. In the early stages of the project, there will be a mini game available, which you can play TODAY.
My end goal with this project, however, is to build a full fledged video game for Consoles, PC, and versions of VR gaming platforms available in the future that lets players experience the lore in the deepest level of immersion possible.

Education AND Entertainment

In order to accomplish certain milestones of the Project, I have and will have to continue learning in depth and advanced topics. As I do this, I will be attempting to deliver content that provides users with extensive education.

Web 3 Engineering - How Smart Contracts Make it all Possible

Before discovering Web3 Tech, I was working on every aspect of this project separately, as individual projects. By utilizing the tools and infrastructure provided by Web3, I am able to integrate all those projects into one massive super project.
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